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Sleep Aways Camps



Welcome to HSCF 2022 In Residential Camps!

we are back after two years with new adventures and Fun programs to develop our campers to engineer their success.

Pick any country or both and look forward to seeing you in person. 

(* Please note: COVID protocols are strictly adhered. We can only accept vaccinated participants at this time

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HSCF is Where Your Future Begins!!!

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Medical Engineering & Technology

Are you interested in the Medical Industry? 

COVID has provided insights to how technology has impacted our world especially in medical industry. This 5-day camp will provide hands-on opportunities to learn from highly accomplished doctors from around the world! Explore and work on new technology equipment (3D printing, surgical simulations, virtual reality medicine, various probes, etc), design DNA, learn about genomics, and more! 


JULY 10 - JULY 15

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Textile & Technology

Fashion and technology??? Yes, join to explore more!

The fashion and cosmetic industry is becoming even more tech-enabled. In this camp, you will use Edison robots to design, 3D printers to create, bio-science products to make cosmetics, plus develop a Venture Capital Fashion or Cosmetic business to compete for funding! This is a multibillion industry globally that is for both men and women with many applications in various industries. Join this camp to explore your innovative mind and business savviness. 


GIRLS: DEC 11 - DEC 16

BOYS: DEC 18 - DEC 23

What to expect at our camps? 


The camps kicks off with a one-hour orientation session where we will welcome. you to our HSCF family and briefly get to know each other.  After orientation, camp commence. Campers will engage in a variety of STEM-related leadership activities that foster creativity,  confidence, growth mindset, teamwork, and fun, preparing them for the experience ahead. Campers develop confidence and decision-making skills while growing into independent STEM thought-leaders.


Check-in: 12:00 PM (Sunday)

Departure: 1:00 PM (Thursday or Friday) location-specific

 Sample Camp Schedule 



Each camp has a unique theme with day and evening programming to maximize learning and development for our campers. 

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  • We have Fireside chats with industry leaders offering lessons learning and application of STEM in their organizations. 

  • Leadership Reflections discussion after STEM and evening activities

  • Play/discovery to infuse leadership principles, forge relationships, and see the world of STEM around through our nature walks.

  • Physical fitness (hiking, biking, swimming, morning and evening yoga, etc) 


What is included in the fee?


Once you pay the posted fees, that is it! We take care of the rest.

  • Room and board

  • All meals and snacks

  • All STEM (we include the arts also) activities and equipment

  • Leadership Assessment with industry experts

  • Field trips (including transportation)

  • HSCF gifts items (could include one or more of the following items: t-shirts, drawstring, notepads, pens/pencils, backpacks, baseball hats, etc.)

  • Campfires and evening entertainment (location specific)

  • Access to global leaders and corporations

  • Residential staff (including nurse and security)

  • Endless opportunities that are life changing