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camp volunteers


Volunteer Required Forms

 Volunteer Application  |   Volunteer Code of Conduct

Camp Volunteer Description

Position Responsibilities:

The adult volunteers will assist in conducting an educational camping program for youth. Efforts are directed toward personal development emphasizing clear and creative thinking, good health habits, responsibility to others, establishing a basic set of values and goals. Volunteering involves listening, sharing, guiding and advising campers. Volunteers need to assist campers to adjust to new situations, give encouragement and care about each camper as an individual.


✓  Provide participants with a safe and secure environment both physically and emotionally where they can participate in educational, recreational and social experiences

✓  Offer opportunities to understand and appreciate cultural diversity and tolerance for others

✓  Promote appreciation for the natural environment and teach environmental stewardship.

✓  Teach participants positive personal skills and values

✓  Provide opportunities for participants to learn and practice leadership skills, decision-making, and teamwork through group activities.

✓  Foster the development of the positive relationship between your and adults, who serve as positive role models, teachers, coaches, and mentors.

✓  Review Staff Expectations section and separate document

✓  Adult volunteers may be asked to assume additional responsibilities during the course of the camp which s/he may accept or decline



A Volunteer must be able to:


✓  Assist with organized educational, recreation, or creative arts activities, including but not limited to: sports and recreation, music, teaching/aides sessions, council circles, setting up classrooms, cleaning up materials, field trips and other activities and classes.

✓  Assume the responsibilities for one or more of, but not limited to, the following camp assignments: tent counselor, lost and found, camp mail, tent inspector, council circle fire, and other areas where needs arise.

✓  Work cooperatively with facilitators, campers, staff and camp instructors.

✓  Exercise mature and professional judgment in assuming responsibility for and working with youth.

✓  Follow direction from the Heritage STEM Camp Global Leader who is supervising/directing the camp.

✓  Perform various duties while maintaining a positive attitude.

✓  Ensure the safety of campers, instructors and other counselors during all camp activities.

✓ Complete and submit to HSCF all required and completed paperwork (counselor application, volunteer application, and code of conduct).

✓ Follow all guidelines and policies.


Camp Staff Expectation:


  • Participants in training, orientation, planning meetings and/or other preparation as deemed appropriate by HSCF.

  • Attend daily staff meetings to communicate needs and concerns, sing up for duties and support roles, and to provide other feedback regarding the program.

  • Participate or assist in supervising programs to help ensure that all camper have a positive camp experience

  • All HSCF staff members are expected to be up and present for breakfast.

  • Clothing will be appropriate. No clothing adverting drugs, alcohol, or inappropriate subjects or behavior will be allowed.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at HSCF sponsored activities. Being under the influence or in possession of alcohol is grounds for immediate dismissal.

  • No drugs are allowed, except those being administered under doctors’ orders by the written consent from the parents and physician.

  • Tobacco use is permitted in designated areas only. Tobacco use is never permitted in front of campers.

  • Staff may never touch a camper in an effort to discipline, restrain or punish. Behavior problems need to be brought to the attention of the HSC leaders.

  • NO ONE has the right to physically, mentally, verbally or otherwise abuse any child.

  • NO ONE has the right to make any child do any physical exercises of any type as punishment.

    This includes push-ups, sit-ups, running, etc. The health and well being of every camper is of primary concern.

  • NO ONE has the right to attach or put-down others by using words, name-calling, profanity or other demeaning statements. Caution and calm language must be used when addressing campers and staff.

  • Any and all problems or disagreements with staff should be brought to the attention of the HSCF leaders. Do not confront staff personally, unless the immediate safety of camper is at risk.

  • HSCF camp staff are to avoid situations which put them alone with a camper.

  • Staff with related children at camp are asked to NOT assign themselves to the related child’s group unless the child has a disability that requires assistance.

  • Staff with related children as campers are asked not to give special preference, perks or other special attention to their child while at camp.

  • Caution must be exercised in displaying affection toward a camper. Certain physical contact may be perceived as sexual or abusive.

  • Fraternization and/or relationships with individual campers, staff or volunteers which is inappropriate or reduces the effectiveness of the staff, or that which discriminates against and/or offends campers, staff, volunteers, or others is grounds for dismissal.

  • Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment and will be dealt with according to local authorities.

  • HSCF camp staff will act in a professional manner and control emotions when problems arise. Staff will openly and honestly discuss problems with relevant parties to seek a solution which is in the best interest of the program and themselves.

  • Volunteers should not discuss any sensitive issues with or in the presence of other staff or campers.

  • Pranks, practical jokes and other behaviors which take advantage of or make fun of others have no place in HSCF camp environment. Seemly “harmless” activities can easily escalate into inappropriate harassment or bullying behavior or even more dangerous activities.



Adults serving as volunteers must have:


✓  Completed paperwork and pass background checks and drug test

✓  Must be 18 years of age

✓  Must be able to demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively with other camps staff in handling a variety of situation.

✓  Possess the desire and ability to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds, especially youth 8-21 years of age.

✓  Have some experience working with organized youth programs.

✓  Possess a flexible and adaptable attitude with a good sense of humor, understanding, and enjoyment of young people. 


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