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"The idea to create and launch Heritage STEM Camps Foundation (HSCF) was simple; I wanted to touch as many children around the world as possible and create a unique education experience...Those who yearn for more and want to learn in a diverse environment will benefit greatly by attending an HSCF camp. They will have an unforgettable experience and become more equipped to thrive in the 21-century with confidence."

Tina L. Taylor - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Heritage STEM Camps Foundation was founded in 2016 to bring a unique, immersive,  fun experience of academic enrichment, self-growth, and leadership development to students. Our creative multi-disciplinary programming is designed to inspire students to learn and construct innovative solutions using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) principles including the intersection of art/music with engineering and technology.



Heritage STEM Camps Mission & Vision

Our mission is to plant the seed of empowerment that opens young leader's minds to explore endless possibilities and enlighten a generation of ambitious and curious STEM achievers through our customized programs in a fun and unique way. We focus primarily on young female students from middle and high-school, encouraging them to be the driving force of change and participate professionally on the world stage. 


Our Approach

We offer a holistic informal framework using three core pillars to infuse a more comprehensive understanding of STEM, an awareness that will last long after our campers go home. Our STEM camp's philosophy is a focus on hands-on experiments, interactions with industry experts, honing leadership skills & self-discovery while forging life-lasting relationships. 


STEM Academics

In engaging our campers with challenges that encourage critical thinking skills and collaboration, we effectively bring the classroom to life with enthusiasm and a thirst to learn more. Our saying "STEM at Work" in conjunction with the support and guidance from industry thought-leaders teaches vital life skills and created an environment that fosters a continued passion for learning. Through daily activities, campers will learn ways STEM fields are utilized to address many global challenges.


Leadership in Practice

Campers will learn how to tap into their natural talents and develop their strengths through a series of interactive sessions allowing campers to discover and reflect on their leadership style. As a result, campers are able to begin crafting a future where their talents and strengths align with their passions. Collaboration and leadership are crucial components. to team building and creating lasting connections in STEM career fields. Learning how to work effectively in a team environment is integral to solving tomorrow's solutions. 


STEM through Discovery

Discovery is experienced in many different yet exciting ways during camp. A primary part of STEM is the ability to make discoveries, small and big, by being immersed in nature, while having fun and building lasting partnerships with like-minded peers from around the globe. This gives your campers the opportunity to explore STEM outside of the classroom. Explore, discover, and create a fulfilling experience at HSCF!

Heritage STEM Camps (HSC) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to exposing participants to the amazing ways that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math can be used to create and innovate!